Institute of the Americas 2021 Annual Report

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40 th Anniversary

Inspired by a desire to respond to the economic challenges and human suffering brought about by the Latin American debt crisis of the early 1980’s, Ambassador Theodore Gildred II founded the Institute of the Americas in November 1981. In establishing the Institute, Gildred sought to promote expanded U.S. public and private sector engagement in the region. Over the years the Institute has played a crucial thought-leadership role in shaping policy discourse and informing policymakers and investors on important trends across the Americas on issues of energy, the environment, free trade, privatization of transportation and water infrastructure, education, economic competitiveness and workforce competitiveness, drug policy and journalist freedoms. In honor of Ambassador Gildred 's vision and generosity, the Institute celebrated its first of a series of 40th anniversary events with an outdoor luncheon on November 6th featuring a keynote address by Institute board member and former Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Ambassador Thomas Shannon. The anniversary luncheon was attended by members of the Gildred Family, past and current Institute Board members, senior leadership from the University of Califo r nia, San Diego as well as friends of the Institute.

The Institute of the Americas was established in 1981. Its complex on the UC San Diego campus is pictured under construction in 1982.

The Institute of the Americas’ rst board of directors (from left to right): Celso Lafer, Lorenzo Servitje, Joseph Grunwald, Richard Atkinson, Peter Jones, Edgardo Boeninger, Theodore Gildred II, Alex Cobo, Peter Bell, Richard Lyman. Not present in photo: Helen Copley and Donald Kennedy.

Ambassador Thomas Shannon, delivering keynote address at the Institute’s 40th anniversary luncheon. (Carlos Fernandez)

From left, Ted Gildred III, Thomas Shannon Jr., UC San Diego Chancellor Pradeep Khosla, Institute of the Americas Chairman Jorge Rosenblut and institute President Richard Kiy attend the organization’s private 40th-anniversary event Nov. 6. (Carlos Fernandez)


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