Institute of the Americas 2021 Annual Report

2021 Selected Publications rograms China Stakes its Claim in Latin American Energy: What It Mean for the Region, the U.S. and Beijing

Future of Hydrocarbons

The climate imperative and emissions reduction goals have placed a clear demand on the oil and gas industry, regulators and governments to act faster.

China has become a major investor, lender and actor in Latin America and the Caribbean’s energy sector. With more than $58 billion invested between 2000 and 2019, China has clearly staked a claim in the region’s energy sector and critical minerals.



Nationally Determined Contributions: A Comparative Hemispheric Analysis

Future of Transport

Latin America & the Caribbean accounts for only 7% of greenhouse gas emissions but stores over a quarter of the world’s forest cover, almost half of the remain ing tropical forests and 25% of mangrove distribution that we all depend upon. Without expanded financial assistance this natural capital is at risk.

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence, energy storage, and fuel technology combined with changes in global shifts in demand, have greatly altered mobility and how the world moves people and products. READ REPORT


Clean Energy Cost Savings: A Study of Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission

Electrifying Everything

The concept and desire to electrify every thing has at its core an effort to enhance climate action and reduce emissions.

The purchase of clean energy through long-term auctions has allowed state-owned utility CFE to avoid variable generation costs at its thermoelectric plants and has reduced emissions.




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