2022 Energy Landscape and Outlook


platform that requires citizens to pay much higher prices at the pump or when they flip on their lights.

Pursuing major energy demand reduction policies that potentially translate to elevated prices whether from a carbon tax or other fiscal and regulatory measures demands massive political will. Certainly, the climate emergency and commitment reaffirmed at Glasgow indicates there is a level of political will, perhaps greater than ever before. Yet, high energy prices and the derived inflationary pressures on cost of living and key inputs for the economy are never trivial, especially for countries such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia and the US where key elections are on tap. Look no farther than the European Commission’s move to categorize nuclear and natural gas as green investments to understand how politicians on the Continent hope to strike the balance between energy security and climate action. “T here is a role for natural gas and nuclear as a means to facilitate the transition towards a predominantly renewable-based future ” a January 1 statement from the European Commission read.

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