2023 Energy Landscape & Outlook


INTRODUCTION The holidays offer a unique time for disconnecting from the daily grind. The opportunity to see family and friends and enjoy a respite from work is deservedly celebrated. The transition from the end of one year through the holidays to the start of a new year has also created a tradition at the Institute of the Americas: a time to reflect in writing about the energy landscape and outlook To that end, we are pleased to set forth our latest edition of pondering focused on how last year ended and our thoughts on key trends and issues facing the energy sector in the next 12 months. Our roster of Non-Resident Fellows prepared short essays and a high-level overview and outlook based upon two principal organizing themes for their insights: things I did not expect in 2022, and things I do expect in 2023, in the world of energy. What follows is a compilation of essays prepared by our distinguished group of experts from across the Western Hemisphere and UK. We hope you enjoy our reflections and effort to look into a crystal ball for 2023


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