IOA Annual Report 2022


Las Californias Blue Carbon Initiative and other key stakeholders better understand emerging opportunities for cross-border conservation tied to blue carbon habitats along the Baja California peninsula. To share lessons learned, a public forum was also organized as part of Climate Week Mexico-Colombia to present IOA’s publication entitled, “Legal Analysis of the Ownership and Use Regime of Mangroves, Seagrass and Macroalgae in Mexico, in Connection to their Capacity to Generate Blue Carbon Offsets.” A D uring2022, IOA concludedworkon its Las Californias Blue Carbon Initiative, publishing a final summary report entitled “Cross-Border, Nature Based Market Solutions to Protect Blue Carbon Coastal Ecosystems in the Californias,” in both English and Spanish . Additionally, IOA and its other project partners authored five topic-specific papers on key issues involved, such as potential sources of funding for wetland conservation in Mexico; Mexico’s legal and regulatory considerations on blue carbon; and Coastal wetlands as ecosystem services providers. The Mexican environment organization, Pronatura Noreste, developed an ESRI storymap to add a visual narration of our project to help policymakers

©Octavio Aburto Coastal mangroves, Bahia Magdelana, Baja California Sur, Mexico


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