IOA Annual Report 2022


After two years of COVID setbacks, IOA organized its first series of in-person forums and conferences beginning with its energy roundtable in Buenos Aires and followed by its Madrid Energy Conference in April. This past fall, IOA convened its 31st annual La Jolla Energy Conference attended by over 125 energy leaders from across the Hemisphere. In May, IOA also convened a two-day forum entitled U.S. Policies toward Authoritarian States in the Americas featuring 19 recognized thought leaders that examined U.S. policy options vis-à-vis Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, amidst changing geo-politics, especially in light of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. In support of the IX Summit of the Americas, IOA organized the Pacific Climate Forumof the Americas: PromotingMarine Biodiversity & Climate Resilience in an Era of High Risk &Uncertainty on June 1-3, in collaboration with Scripps Institution of Oceanography and UC San Diego’s School of Global Policy & Strategy (GPS). Over the past year, IOA has partnered with the GPS to become the U.S. coordinators of the North American Forum (NAF), hosting a meeting of thought leaders from the U.S., Mexico and Canada on November 14-15 with the goal of promote a regional approach to security, prosperity and an improved quality of life in our three countries . Closer to home, IOA collaborated with UC San Diego’s Center for US-Mexican Studies to host the tri-state Commission of the Californias (COMCAL) while also jointly developing an issue paper on the cross-border impacts of California’s electric vehicle regulatory mandate on Baja California and Baja California Sur, Mexico. Given the importance of Brazil as the Latin America’s largest economy, earlier this month, IOA also co-hosted a forum with the San Diego World Affairs Council featuring former U.S. Ambassador to Brazil, Todd Chapman, highlighting the economic and political implications of that country’s recent presidential election of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on the rest of the region. For the past 13 years, IOA operated and managed a STEAM educational program targeted at secondary and high school students and teachers in Latin America. In an effort to give greater attention to IOA’s core competencies in the areas of research, analysis, and multi-stakeholder convenings, our STEAM programwas successfully transitioned to UC San Diego’s Extension program during Q1-2022. A highlight of this past year was IOA’s 40th anniversary gala on October 29 honoring our founder, Ambassador Theodore E. Gildred, and featuring a keynote address from Dr. Ernesto Zedillo, former President of Mexico and current Director of Yale’s Center for Globalization Studies, who spoke about the challenges and opportunities we face today across the Americas in preserving democratic institutions as well as promoting economic progress that is more inclusive. As we look towards the coming year, we welcome the opportunity to forge stronger collaborative ties with our partners both regionally and across the hemisphere as we work to undertake thoughtful research and analysis as well as high quality programming, dialogue, and networking opportunities for our key stakeholders.

Thank you for all your on-going support to further the Institute of the Americas’ mission! Sincerely,

Jorge Rosenblut Board Chairman

Richard Kiy President & CEO


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