IOA Annual Report 2022


40 th Anniversary Celebration


he IOA’s gala was made possible thanks the generosity of the Americas Foundation Inc. and the BurnhamFoundation. Attended by 165 guests from across the hemisphere, including IOA’s former presidents, Jeffrey Davidow and Charles Shapiro, as well as the wife of our second President, the late Paul Boeker, Peggy Rhoads and our Chair Emeritus, Gastón Luken.

IOA board member Malin Burnham, Roberta Burnham with IOA Chairman Jorge Rosenblut and Melissa Castaneda.

Charles Shapiro (IOA’s 4th President) with IOA Advisory Council member, Amb. Leslie Bassett.

DavidWeaver, Pres. Zedillo, Richard and Ann Hojel.

IOA Board Member Mary Walshok and Alina Gonzalez.

IOA staff: James Clark, Cecilia Aguillón, Rita Oliveira, Sherry White, Jeremy Martin, Francesca Carrillo, Catalina López, Tania Miranda & Diana Rodríguez.

Gala guests dancing.


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