IOA Annual Report 2022


Thought Leadership In January, we invited our Non-Resident Fellows to prepare short essays with their views on the landscape and outlook for the sector. In mid-January we published “2022 Energy Landscape and Outlook.” In April, we published “Easter and Electricity in Mexico – The Electric Sector Reform Debate, Congressional Vote and What Comes Next”, a compilation of essays focused on the electric sector in Mexico and following up on the historic vote in Congress on Easter. In June, timed to coincide with the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, we published our yearlong research and assessment of energy transition workforce readiness in eight Latin American countries.

In July, we collaborated with our colleagues from the Environment and Climate Change program on a report on the occasion of the visit by Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to Washington, DC.

Our additional research and thought-leadership pieces included, among many others, a report on the challenges of living without access to electricity in Baja California , implications of California’s sunsetting of internal combustion engine sales by 2035 , as well as discussion of the USMCA trade dispute and the role of energy and the key policies to guide our path to Net Zero. Shaping Policy

In March, we collaborated with the lower house of Mexico’s Congress on a special event and session aimed at assessing the outlook for the country’s economic competitiveness , as the electric reform amendment was being debated. In June, and in collaboration with the Geothermal Energy Advancement Association, we launched a three-part webinar series aimed at assessing the potential and outlook for geothermal energy across the Americas. Part I took place on June 10 and Part II occurred on October 18, with part three TBD. Also in June, we convened a unique webinar: Colombia elects Gustavo Petro : Rapid Response Briefing on Economy, Energy and International Relations and a panel featuring our Non-Resident Fellow, Roger Tissot and John Padilla of IPD Latin America.

IOA’s President Richard Kiy, Dip. Jorge Ernesto Inzunza, Francisco Salazar & Alejandra Parra de Inzunza


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