Living Without Electricity in Baja California

Living Without Electricity in Baja California

“…one buys with confidence believing that the person who is selling to you is someone like that (good person), and also because of one's need to buy, one doesn´t really investigate, but it is the seller's trick …” “…here they were plots (social property), it seems that the original seller received the land and gave it to several people to sell it, she and I bought the land from one person, she from another, that is, they were different sellers, but, I mean, they don't tell people it's the seller's obligation to give you the lot with water and electricity, yes?” “…for example, she buys a piece of land and they are not going to give her a settlement letter, but she pays the balance for electricity and water, but, a buyer should never pay for those services if they are buying in an area which is called housing development …” “…the detail with us is that the neighborhood is irregular, the neighborhood is ejido, so no matter where someone looks , they cannot give us any service …” Many people living in irregular properties have constantly negotiated with the authorities at different levels to find a solution to this problem, however they have not been attended to, as evidenced in the following comments: “…The truth is that we are already tired, it is always the same, only when there are elections do the candidates come here promising that they will fix the problem. But as soon as they come to power, they forget what they promised…” “ We got into "Ramo 33" (Ramo 33 is a federal program that provides state and municipal governments financing for implementing social projects) two years ago. Unfortunately, we did not achieve anything…."

“…because it´s ejido they don´t help us…”

From the people´s comments we realized that various means have been sought to obtain property deeds and access to electricity without success.


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