Nationally Determined Contributions Across the Americas

INSTITUTE OF THE AMERICAS | NDCs in the Americas: A Comparative Hemispheric Analysis

close to what India alone emits. See Figure 3 below for a global comparison of GHG emissions by different countries and blocks. Figure 2: Source of Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Sector in LAC

Figure 3: Comparison of GHG by Region, Excluding LULUCF 3

Source: Economics of Climate Change in Latin America and the Caribbean , ECLAC, 2019.

In terms of total emissions, in the rest of the Hemisphere, the highest emitters are Brazil, responsible for 2.25% of global emissions (and seventh global emitter); Mexico, with 1.5% of total global emissions (and 12 th emitter overall); and Argentina in a far third, with 0.8% of total emissions worldwide. In the Western Hemisphere, North America is responsible for almost 75% of emissions and South America for 22% (see Figure 4 below). This suggests that the bulk of efforts and resources directed towards emission mitigation should be devoted there. On the other hand, Central America and the Caribbean should be directing resources towards adaptation and resilience, keeping in sight that those strategies will also contribute towards abatement, cost-effectively, and will be of the utmost importance because of their climate risk profile.

3 Own graph with data from 2018 from ClimateWatchData .


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